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In California, Probate is handled in the Probate Division of the California Superior Courts. California Probate is a court procedure that includes transferring a deceased person's assets to the beneficiaries listed in their will, proving the validity of the will; inventorying and appraising the estate property; paying any debts or taxes (including estate taxes); distributing the property as directed by their will or state law (also known as intestacy) if there is no will.

If a loved one passes away, and probate is necessary, the Court will need to appoint someone to manage the estate. "Personal Representative" is the generic legal term used to describe the “Administrator” (if there is no will) or “Executor” (if there is a will) appointed to oversee an estate. The Personal Representative is responsible for administration of the will and for initiating and maintaining communication with beneficiaries of the estate.

The process of probate administration is made substantially easier, and safer, when a California probate lawyer is made part of the process helping to guide your estate through the system.

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